Families Participate Together

Normally when you enter a church building, there are directions to the nursery and someone to escort your children to “age appropriate” classes. Cornerstone is different.  We believe that Scripture guides us to keep fathers, mothers, and children together for the Worship Services and Small Groups. We believe also that it is an honor and privilege for families to be able to worship together. Our culture is so fragmented, having a time when families have the opportunity to sit and worship together is a blessing.


The Father’s High Calling

The Bible has given fathers the primary responsibility to teach their children to love the Lord and to disciple them to follow the Lord. We encourage you to be the pastor of your home.  We know this might seem overwhelming, we are here to share in this journey with you by encouraging and equipping you. (Deut. 6:6-9, Eph. 6:4).


Children are Welcome

We believe that children are a blessing from God. Throughout Scripture children are present with their parents in the worship assemblies. We believe it is important and beneficial for children to grow up experiencing worship with their parents and to learn to sit through the worship service. We believe these things because of the following Scriptures that communicate the importance of children being present with their parents during times of corporate worship. Babies are not a distraction, and while we do not supply nursery workers, should a parent need to exit the worship service, a room is available where the Worship Service can be seen and heard via a television monitor.  (Deut. 31:12-13, Josh. 8:35, Ezra 10:1, Matt. 18:1-5, Eph. 6:1-4, Col. 3:20).


Fellowship Meal

Once a month, after our time to worship the Lord, we enjoy a meal together as the body of Christ. We believe that being the church and experiencing worship is more than singing and preaching, though these are important. We invite you to join us.


The Lord’s Supper

Each Sunday that we enjoy the fellowship meal together, we also take the Lord’s Supper together. We practice open communion (non-members are welcome), but we do ask that the elements of the juice and bread only be taken by professing, baptized believers (Acts 2:43-47, I Cor. 11:23-34).


Small groups

Our weekly small groups are a vital part of our ministry. These groups meet each week, usually Sunday afternoon or evenings, in various member’s home.  These gatherings encourage a building friendships as we do life together. God has placed us as believers in community.  Our small groups encourage the forging and building of lasting relationships in which we encourage one another to love and follow Christ. 


Men’s Meeting

At least once each quarter we have a men’s meeting. This meeting is to encourage and equip men to be the men God has commanded – to be the husband God desires, to disciple his own children, and to be a witness in his community. We spend that time in encouraging each other and gaining equipping from God’s Word to face these great challenges.  In addition, once each year we have a men’s retreat. This retreat is a fishing trip in which we spend time in fellowship, building up one another, studying God’s Word, and of course, fishing.


 Women’s Meeting

Each month the women meet to study, pray with, and encourage one another to be godly women. These meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month.