We come together as families on Sunday morning to worship God through sound expositional teaching and inspiring, biblically-based music. Each week the pastor preaches and teaches verse-by-verse and passage-by-passage through books of the Bible making appropriate application of the eternally relevant Biblical text.


Thou didst call and cry to me and break open my deafness: and Thou didst send forth Thy beams and shine upon me and chase away my blindness: Thou didst breathe fragrance upon me, and I drew in my breath and do not pant for Thee: I tasted Thee, and now hunger and thirst for Thee: Thou didst touch me, and I have burned for Thy peace. 

              -St Augustine of Hippo


Family Small Groups

We meet together weekly to study, share, and pray together as families. All ages are welcome. In these gatherings, we meet in various member’s homes to spend time in Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.  And of course, we share a meal together.  Weekly locations change, so call or email to find out more.



Jesus spent time with His disciples teaching, mentoring, and preparing them for life.  Jesus then commanded His disciples to make more disciples, mentoring these new followers of Christ.  While not being an official “program” we encourage our church body to be a part of this disciple making process; younger believers learning from more mature members and  the more mature members spending time one-on-one mentoring others.